Thornst was once a member of the Halfseekers, though was killed by one of his team members, Garen.

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Despite being the second-oldest member of their group, Thornst had acted like the youngest one, probably due to his slow-aging race.[1] He usually kept quiet, being the new guy.[2]

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Thornst was a Terandrian half-elf and the one that joined the Halfseekers the last.[3]

When Garen turned on the Half-Seekers, Thornst was only able to grab his bow before Garen killed him.[3]

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  • Bow

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  • (To Moore) “It’s not an insult, friend Moore. But you must admit, you’re a startling sight to anyone who’s not seen a half-Giant before. They’ll panic, and when they panic, the first monster that fits comes to mind.”

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