• Is it Okay if we add a Relationships Heading in the Characters Pages.

    I'm asking because even if we add them, some of them may remain blank like Personality and Chronology, until someone fills them. And for other we will have to make a page for them, because they will be to long/big, just like the Quotes.

    As such, I wanted to ask your opinion, if we should add them or not.

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    • I don't mind having this header on a character's page; it is one of the more common headers seen on wikias.

      But it is as you said, they will probably remain empty for quite some time, so it would be a needless hassle to now go to every character and add the header. I would say: only add it when you're in the mood to write something to it, as you did on the Goblins page.

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    • OK.

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    • A FANDOM user
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