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    • Hi Pisces2,

      I'm a Fandom user that has been editing from May to this day.

      Listen, in the last few days, I have been trying to sign in and create a user name, but for some reason I can't. When I fill the Birthdate, I keep getting the "We cannot complete your registration at this time" no mater what date a give. I know that if you give a date that makes you look like you are 13 or younger you get this, but even when I write a date that makes me look older, I still get it.

      Do you know what I can do, to fix this?

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    • I just tested and and it seems to be fine. Try giving it a random birthyear, like 1988

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    • Maybe stupid question, but have you used two numbers for "Days" and "Months"?  For instance, instead of 7/6/1900 one should have written 07/06/1993.

      Otherwise, I have no idea, as no errors were shown to me during my registration.

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    • Hi, I'm the same user ( aka A FANDOM User), I finally sign in.

      Listen, I want to show all my past contributions under my new user name. Is it possible?

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    • I wouldn't know it. You could ask the question in the FANDOM community. I always got helpful answers there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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