• Piscees2 can you Pleas change the background to something¬†plane.

    At lest if you like this background or any other, can you leave it to the side and leave the middle plane.

    It just that when I scroll down and up, the word and the background leaves me a little disoriented.

    I'm Sorry for making you do this selfish request of mine, but I would be Thankful for it!

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    • Don't apologize, I appreciate feed back.

      As you can see, currently I'm constantly changing things, as I'm not satisfied with the design of the site myself.

      For now I reduced the trasparency of the main page, so that the motives of the background don't come through so much, reducing the distraction they previously caused, till I find a better alternative.

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    • Thank you.

      It is much better now that you reduced the transparency of the main page.

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    • I Apologize again for my rude behavior, but can you make the main page darker.

      I'm asking because the difference of the light coloring of the main page and the black background of pirateaba Chapters is to big, and causes yet an other distraction.

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    • Thank You.

      Seriously Thank You.

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    • You're welcome

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    • The¬†Background is Nice, but can you Pleas Darker a bit the main page.

      I'm asking this because of the difference in coloring again.

      This time it is about the color of the main page on the words is to clear.

      If you could Pleas!

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    • Thank You!

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    • A FANDOM user
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