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Timeline of Innworld

Timeline of events up until Volume 1[]

~Tens Of Thousands Of Years Ago[]

  • The Gods died in a war.[1]
  • The Elves vanished from the world.[2]

More than 10,000 Years ago[]

  • The first Quarass founded Germina.[3][4][5]
  • The fourth Quarass strikes a deal with Teriarch after he fought other Dragons for her. The middle-aged dragon who has already witness the rise and crumbling of previous Empires, cautions her against time.[6]
  • 21.000 years ago Khelta founded Khelt.[7]
  • Someone makes massive Ironwood doors, 19,000 years ago[8]
  • 11,430 years ago the last Great Wyrm, Zessoprica the Sovereign of Sands, died.

~10,000 Years Ago[]

  • The Magus Kingdom of Azervrish, the last kingdom of the Selphids is formed and destroyed. Under the rule of the [Archmage] Azervrish, the Selphids enslaved every race they could find in Baleros, until the host slaves and an alliance of various nations led to its downfall.[9]

~9,000 Years Ago[]

  • The Artien Family traces their roots back to this time, being one of the younger noble families in Terandria (more specifically, Noelictus). They soon afterwards migrated to Izril.[10]

~6,000 Years Ago[]

~5,620 Years Ago / 1 Zekol[]

  • Start of Rhir’s calendar, named Zekol.[13]

~5,200 Years Ago / 420 Zekol[]

  • Creler Wars have ended: Humans and other civilizations have taken back Rhir and killed most Crelers - it is a time of legendary-leveled people.[13]

~5,000 Years Ago[]

  • The Demons are first seen on Rhir and started thousands of years of war against the Humans that is still ongoing to this day.[14]

More than 3,800 Years Ago[]

  • (Long before the Human Invasion of Izril): The Iltanus Empire ruled over Izril and Terandria, but eventually fell, its inhabitants going extinct.[6]
  • Humans invade Izril and conquer the northern half, which builds the legacy of the Five Families.[15]

~3,800 Years Ago[]

  • Regis Reinhart dies in his crypt where he serves his family from then on as their undead keeper of treasures. [16]

~3,502 Years Ago / ~2118 Zekol[]

~3,492 Years Ago / ~2128 Zekol[]

  • The Vorepillar plague ends.

Thousands of Years Ago[]

  • Wistram is established[17]
  • Redcal, the drake hero, slays the minotaur king.[18]
  • Fall of the Strygian Empire.[14]
  • Khelt invades Northern Izril, but is fought off by the Circle of Thorns.[19]

~2,000 Years Ago[]

The Six Great Companies of Baleros invade Northern Izril, but are fought off by the Circle of Thorns.[19]

~1,863 Years Ago[]

  • The half-Elven empire finally falls to the combined military forces and they sign numerous peace agreements in concession for the lives of their citizens [20] (outdated non-canon info)

~1,500 Years Ago[]

  • The first keep is built at the place where Reim later stands.[4]

~1,100 Years Ago[]

  • Salienn Reinhart is born[8]

~900 Years Ago[]

  • The mages of Rihal start a tradition of researching magic.[21]

Centuries Ago[]

  • Vampires' illness started.[22]
  • Gnolls became incapable of receiving the [Mage] class. Those that tried became either [Shamans] or failed completely.[23]
  • The city at the place where today's Liscor stands (said city was still standing proud 1000 years before current time), falls to corruption from within. They build terrible weapons, loose monsters in their walls, and the city turns into a Dungeon deep underground, only to be forgotten afterwards.[24]

~800 Years ago[]

  • Salienn Reinhart dies, having become 300 years old[8]
  • The castle of Reim is built in the shape it currently has.[4]

653 Years ago[]

~600 Years ago[]

One of the Reinhart family was executed in Pallass after being captured in a battle. Afterwards no Reinhart entered the city until the Wandering Inn opened.[25]

503 Years ago[]

  • Fetohep's most recent visit to Rhir takes place.[26]

~400 Years Ago[]

~300 Years Ago[]

~215 Years Ago[]

  • Wistram throws open its doors to the general public.[20] (from outdated non-canon-source)

~200 Years Ago[]

  • General Ironscale, once owner of the Heartflame Breastplate, died, leading to the Reinharts stealing her armor.[29]
  • The Zolde Family flees unrest in Chandrar and settles in Izril, becoming one of the minor noble houses there.[30]

Less than 200 Years Ago[]

  • Az'kerash was expelled from Wistram.[31]
  • Zelkyr's war - happened before the Gloaning Foothills Invasion.[32]

~172 Years Ago[]

  • Empire of Minos formally surrenders, ending the War of Horns.[20] (from outdated non-canon-source)

More than 150 Years Ago[]

  • Ironbreaker conflict. (Implied to have happened before Zelkyr's war.) [32]

Nearly 150 Years Ago[]

  • Terandrian Humans invaded Southern Izril. They were defeated by a Drake coalition, including Archmage Zelkyr.[33] This was possibly the "Gloaning Foothills Invasion", which happened after Zelkyr's war.[32]
  • Death of Archmage Zelkyr and start of Wistram's decline.[34]

Over 100 Years Ago[]

  • The Necromancer slew the Chieftain of the Gnolls, Kerash, who some had labeled the first ‘King of Gnolls’, and was thus dubbed Az’kerash, or ‘Slayer of Kerash’ by the Gnolls.[35]

~97 Years Ago[]

  • Various Terandrian Kingdoms declare the Truce of Malcium, ending the continental war.[20] (from outdated non-canon-source)

~68 Years Ago[]

~40 Years Ago[]

  • The Gnolls sent their representative to study at Wistram, who the academy then expelled, stating Gnolls are unsuited to become [Mages]. As a consequence, Gnolls refuse to trade with the school to this day.[23]

~33 Years Ago[]

  • Jelaqua began her carrier as an adventurer.[27]

~32 Years Ago[]

  • Flos, the King of Destruction, begins his famous campaign [20] (possibly outdated non-canon info)

Over 30 Years Ago[]

  • Tekshia retired from her adventuring career and became the Guildmistress of Liscor's Adventurer Guild.[36]

~30 Years Ago[]

  • Pomle was founded.[37]
  • Falene graduated from Wistram.[38]

~ 28 Years Ago[]

~Year 5 B.F.[]

  • The Antinium were forced to flee from their home because of the sleeping God beneath the earth of the continent.[41]
  • Death of the Blighted King after the Antinium escape Rhir (unrelated)[20] (from outdated non-canon-source, possible inconsistency since ch. 1.02 C)

~3 B.F.[]

  • 1st Antinium War (more than 1.1 years after having left Rhir)[42]

~2 B.F[]

  • 1st Antinium War ended (lasted nearly a year)[43]

~20 Years Ago[]

~17 Years Ago[]

  • Death of the Blighted Queen[20] (from outdated non-canon-source, possible inconsistency since ch. 1.02 C)

~15 Years Ago[]

  • Minotaurs attacked Baleros, although failed.[46]

~12 Years Ago[]

  • 2nd Antinium War [20] (from outdated non-canon-source, better references should be available)

~11 Years Ago[]

~10 Years Ago / ~12 A.F / 5610 Zekol[]

  • Goblin King War in Izril.[48] (It was indirectly said that the war happened 10 years ago by saying that the "Goblin King’s rampage coincided with the assault on Liscor and the surrounding area by the Necromancer Az’Kerash")
  • Necromancer's Siege of Liscor[49]
  • The village that surrounded The Wandering Inn, when it still was in the possession of a human man, was destroyed by the undead armies. (Ch. 1.07 says it was a plague that killed all inhabitants, not the undead, so it's not quite clear which one is correct)[50]
  • Part of the Silverfang Tribe, led by Krshia, came to Liscor in hope to gain valuable information or objects that would improve their tribe’s standing.[51]
  • Klbkch and his Hive came to Liscor.[52]
  • Halrac and Ulrien founded Griffon Hunt.[53]
  • Garen and a Goblin with magic met and became friends, and after a while, they were like brothers. After some time they split up to learn and grow stronger, and swore to meet seven years later.[54]

~8 Years Ago[]

  • Az'kerash found a Hob that could read, and forcefully made him into his apprentice.[54]
  • Orjin beat the previous leader of Pomle and became the new Strongest of Pomle.[37]
  • Mountainkin Incursions, a war involving an army of Trolls and other giant humanoids.[55]

~7 Years Ago[]

~6 Years Ago[]

  • Zevara started serving as Liscor's City Watch Captain.[57]
  • The Silver Swords were formed.[58] (Although 5.29 says it happened 8 years ago.)
  • Gazi leaves Reim and becomes a Named Adventurer to search for a remedy for Flos' lethargy.[59]

~4 Years Ago[]

~3 Years Ago[]

  • Garen and the Hob with magic fulfilled their promise to meet again. They fought after Garen learn that his friend became a slave, and swore to oppose him if he ever tried to carry out his master plan.[54]
  • The massive Griffin colony incident that nearly cost Griffon Hunt their Gold-rank status.[64]

~2 Years Ago[]

Beginning of the Story[]

For more detailed information, see Chapter Timeline

~Present / Year 21/22 A.F[66] / 5620 Zekol[]




  • The new Horns of Hammerad and a few other Silver-Rank adventures kill an Adult Creler.[69] The Horns would later be awarded Gold-rank for this deed.[70]




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