Tismel Lischscale is a Drake and the Guildmaster of the Cobbler’s Guild, in Liscor. As of Volume 6, he is a new Member of Liscor’s Democratic Council.

Appearance Edit

He has pale white scales.[1]

Personality Edit

Fellow guildmasters describe him as indecisive. He was deferential to former Councilmember Stales Greenscale.[1]

Background Edit

He has been guildmaster of the [Cobblers] Guild for three years. He lives on the Northwest side of Liscor in the area around Silvershine street, which is a [Merchant] district. He was friends with several of the former councilmembers.[1]

Chronology Edit

He was elected in the first democratic elections of Liscor and was, together with Zalaiss Holmfyre, a hope of the previous council to “keep the helm steady.” However, when the new council under the leadership of Lism Swifttail and Krshia Silverfang started to get things rolling for the city extension of Liscor right in the first session, and started to vote on tax reforms and a fixed price on the rent, Tismel and Zalaiss were abhorred by those ideas and left the council chamber to tell the previous council about it. Their attempts at storming the chamber again were thwarted by Relc.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit


  • [Cobbler] Lv. ?


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