The Titan’s School, which was founded by Niers Astoragon, is an institute that focuses on teaching the next generation on how to be better [Strategists] and [Generals].

Overview Edit

Curriculum Edit

Known Members Edit

Teachers Edit

Name Race
Niers Astoragon Fraerling
Rustarmor (Nickname) Dullahan
Felk Drake

Students Edit

Under Niers's Personal Teaching Edit

Name Race
Umina Caxical Lizardfolk
Cameral Dullahan
Wil Kallinad Human
Yerranola Selphid
Marian Felthof Centaur
Venaz Minotaur
Jekilt Centaur
Kissilt Oldblood Drake
Feshi Gnoll
Xelic Lizardfolk
Reniz  ?
Angelica Human

Officers Students Edit

Name Race
Merrik Dwarf
Sillk Lizardfolk
Kaelma Gnoll
Kelsa Centaur
Romin Centaur
Peki Garuda
Cemiza Oldblood Drake

Other Students Edit

Name Race
Piccy Drake
Tompha  ?

Graduates Edit

Name Race
Tulm Dullahan
Nailihuaile Star Lamia
Aria Fellstrider Centaur
Tefret Half-Elf
Perorn Sadiluc Centaur

Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to popular opinion, the Titan’s School does not and has never operated as an [Assassin] training school.[1]

References Edit

  1. Chapter 6.22 D
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