Leveling History

Leveling History[edit | edit source]

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills Additional Information
Ch 1.32 [Skeleton Warrior] Lv. 1 N/A
Ch 1.35 Revealed

[Skeleton Warrior] Lv. 2 (+1)


[Sword Fighting – Basic]

Revealed to have become a Lv. 2 [Skeleton Warrior] and to have obtained the [Sword Fighting – Basic] Skill.
Ch 1.36 [Barmaid] Lv. 2 N/A Revealed to have gained the [Barmaid] Class.
Ch 1.39 [Skeleton Warrior] Lv. 3 N/A Revealed to have become a Lv. 3 [Skeleton Warrior].
Ch 1.45 Revealed

[Skeleton Warrior] Lv. 11 (+8)

[Tactician] Lv.?

N/A [Skeleton Warrior] leveled 8 times after the battle against Skinner.

Revealed to have the [Tactician] Class.

Ch 2.24 T [Skeleton Knight] Lv. 20 (+6)


[Skeleton Warrior] → [Skeleton Knight]


[Weapon Proficiency: Sword]

[Lesser Strength]

[Conceal Presence]


[Even Footing]

[Power Strike]

[Weapon Proficiency: Shield]

Skill Change

[Power Strike] → [Mirage Cut]

Class Advancement.
Ch 3.18 T [Leader] Lv. 1 (+1) [Command Lesser Undead] Obtained the [Leader] Class.
Ch 3.19 T [Leader] Lv. 4 (+3) [Daring Charge]
Ch 5.05 Revealed

[Skeleton Knight] Lv. 24

[Barmaid] Lv. 2

[Leader] Lv. 4

[Tactician] Lv. 5

[Sword Dancer] Lv. 3

N/A The levels of all Classes were revealed, with [Sword Dancer] being the newest Class.
Ch 6.48 T Revealed

[Skeleton Knight] Lv. 27

[Sword Dancer] Lv. 13

[Undead Leader] Lv.12

[Command Lesser Undead]
[Daring Charge]
[Perfect Dodge]
[Raise Corpse]
[Sharpened Edge]
[Shield Bash]
Ch 7.14 T Revealed
[Skeleton Knight] Lv. 28
[Sword Dancer] Lv. 13
[Undead Leader] Lv. 14
[Tactician] Lv. 6
[Barmaid] Lv. 3
N/A All the Classes Levels were Revealed when Az’kerash cast [Appraisal] on Toren.
Meetings and Friendships N/A Revealed
[Limited Regeneration]
Revealed that after Az’kerash had taken Nekhret's bones, he imbuing him with [Limited Regeneration], which he later learned it as a Skill.
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