The Trisstral Alliance is a political, economic and military alliance in the south of Izril.

Background Edit

The Alliance is formed from a group of Drake cities,[1] none of which is a Walled City.

The city/town/region of Verdam, is the only known member known so far; they were named in the story for sending a low-level detachment to the allied forces.[2]

History: War with Salazsar Edit

In the year of Erin's arrival in Liscor, the Trisstral Alliance had a severe trade dispute with the Walled City of Salazsar because the alliance was undermining the trade monopoly on gemstones which Salazsar was trying to enforce.[3] Pallass, by tradition opposed to Salazsar's politics, was backing the Trisstral Alliance in this war, but did not partake with their military.[4]

Zel Shivertail, regarded as a son of Pallass but available for hire among Drake cities, served as the [General] of the Trisstral Alliance.[1] He led a battle against the forces of Wall Lord Ilvriss Gemscale of Salazsar, which was fought in the hilly swamplands between Pallass and the Bloodfields.[2] With Zel winning that battle decisively (thanks to a distraction provided by Ryoka), the war ended in favor of the Trisstral Alliance.[3]

At first, this end of the war was disputed by Ilvriss' allies, but the looming threat of the Goblin Lord and the opening of Liscor's Dungeon stopped the conflict from running further.[5]

Zel was residing in Liscor after the war ended and then traveled into the Human Lands; while doing so he was still considered a member of the Alliance on his own.[1]

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