Trolls are one of the Races of Innworld.

Physiology Edit

Appearance Edit

Trolls have a massive Hulk-like form, with gray-green colored skin.[1]

Physical Qualities Edit

Reproduction Edit

They are able to mate with humans to create Half-Trolls like Durene.

Special Abilities Edit

Trolls possess tough skin.[2]

Weaknesses Edit

The System doesn't seem to acknowledge them, thus being unable to obtain Classes/Levels and Skills.[3]

Subraces Edit

Half-Trolls Edit

Offspring between a Troll and a Human.[4] They have the natural abilities of a Troll and are acknowledged by the System, thus being able to obtain Classes/Levels and Skills.

Behavior and Culture Edit

History Edit

Relations Edit

Demons Edit

Ogres Edit

Ogres don’t get along with Trolls because they keep getting confused for each other.[2]

Humans Edit

Others Edit

Trolls are classified as monsters by the other races, and there is even a bounty on them by the Adventure Guild. Having said that, on Baleros, while rare sometimes, Troll tribes are able to ally with mercenary companies or enlist, becoming into what is known as Monster regiments.[5]

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References Edit

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