Truestone Golems, also known as Truestone Constructs, are constructs made of Truestone that are not just the pinnacle of Golem creation but of all artificial creation.[1]


Truestone Golems are among the most powerful types of Golems in the world,Chapter 3.24</ref> as Truestone is considered the most powerful stone in the world.[2]

Truestone Golems are outlawed in several nations (Wistram is not one of them).[3]

Between 300 and 200 years ago, [Archmage] Zelkyr created three of them to battle other [Archmages], and they succeeded in killing some.[2] Even after centuries, Wistram's students still tell tales of a large battle between the constructs and the mages of Wistram who couldn't accept that Zelkyr sealed the upper floors of Wistram.[4] However, only the one construct named Cognita still survived to the current day: she is the last remaining Truestone Golem that the world knows of.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Truestone Golems are so rare, that not even Teriarch possesses one.[3]


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