Tugrim is a Drowned Man merged with a Blackwater Jellyfish, and the [Captain] of the Kraken’s Horn.

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Human (Formerly) Edit

He had once been a huge Human with a beard like a fireball.[1]

Drowned Man Edit

He is a big, swarthy Drowned Man, as befit a man of his rank. His left arm and part of his chest are translucent and elastic, and has tendril-like arms.[1]

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Powers and Abilities Edit

While some might have seen his tendril-like arms as a weakness, the poison contained in his body made up for any defects in appearance, as he could paralyze a whale with a touch and his body could heal from wounds that would cripple normal flesh.[1]

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Captain] Lv. ?

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Rendala) “Aye, but it’s the crew I’m thinking of. The crew or the crew, Rendala. What’s worth more, a life we might not save or an empty hold?”
  • (To Ad) “The Peace of the Drowned upon you. I am [Captain] Tugrim of the Kraken’s Horn. What business have you in these waters? No—what foolishness led you to shine a light this far down?”
  • (To Ad) “Either you’ve a deathwish or your strange ship can destroy titans, stranger. Which is it? And why did you seek me out?”

References Edit

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