Tulm the Mithril is the second-in-command of the Iron Vanguard, and Niers' former student.

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Dragonslayer Strategist] Lv. ? (over 30)

Skills: Edit

  • [Battlefield – The Cold Iron Mists]
  • [Legions of Steel]
  • [The Twice-Born Warlord]
  • [Unit: Enhanced Strength]
  • [Unit: Unstoppable Advance]

Equipment Edit

  • Halberd
  • Mithril Mace - Enchanted to hit like a Sledgehammer.[1]

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Niers) “It seems I’ve fallen into your trap once again, Professor. This feels…nostalgic.”

References Edit

  1. Chapter 6.22 D
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