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The Ulta Lands are a region in northern Izril that is claimed by House Ulta.


One of the borders towards the Ulta lands is located approximately 80 miles southeast of Reizmelt.[1] The region is bordering the Eldessale foothills and extensive enough that travelers don't leave them when they ride hard for several days.[2]

The capital of the Ulta region is Ultase. Other settlements include Phaust, Lanchestret, Crimsal[2] and Chalen where the salt mines are located [3]


Current ruler of the House Ulta is [Lady] Pryde Ulta. She is admired by her people for the pride she shows towards the world.[2]


Dishes in Ulta lands are often prepared with lots of salt (which is the main export of Ulta as well). This includes pickling everything for preservation.[2]

The Ultanese people are known for various eccentricities, first among them a certain regional pride. Being free and not bowing to foreign authorities when being in the right is an important part of that. It is yet unclear if this behaviour started only with [Lady] Pryde's reign, or if Pryde is following in the footsteps of predecessors who already fostered that behaviour.[2]

Going along with that, there is a population of nudists, who are possibly encouraged by Lady Pryde herself, who finds it amusing when her subjects decide to walk around naked. However, there are regular complaints from pruder people reaching Pryde's officials.[2]

Quotes about the nature of Ultanese[]

  • From Kaida: “Pride rules in Ulta lands. Pride in what you do, and who you are. [...] Pride takes many forms, sirs and madams. It need not be on display. Lady Pryde only asks us to do what fulfills us. Not to live hollow lives.”
  • From Raist: “Seems this entire region acts as their [Lady] does. Ambition and pride over caution and humility.”