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Ulvama was the [Chief Shaman] of the Mountain City Tribe and its strongest [Shaman]. After Tremborag's death, she joined the Flooded Waters Tribe.



Ulvama uses her body to her advantage. She seduces those that are useful to her to make them give her what she desires.[1]


Ulvama was born from a Goblin mother and a Human father.[2]


Powers and Abilities[]

Ulvama is amongst the 6 [Shamans] in Tremborag's tribe the strongest one which is shown by her being the chief shaman of the tribe.

Looking at her basic magic capabilities one wouldn't find anything noteworthy, but considering that she is a [Shaman] of a major tribe, consisting of tens of thousands of Goblins, her abilities improve immensely.[3] However, while she possesses great magical abilities, she is lacking a powerful body, thus allowing even Rags with her few levels in her [Warrior] class to overwhelm her in close combat.


  • [Chief Shaman] Lv. ? (over 30)[4]


  • [Bloodfury]
  • [Bolt of Spite]
  • [Camouflage]
  • [Chameleon Skin]
  • [Curving Blades, Blood Torrent]
  • [Flame Strike]
  • [Frost Ray]
  • [Gnawing Hunger]
  • [Light]
    • Can turn it red, white, green, black, and make them blur together in a light show
  • [Renew Plants]
  • [See Heat]
  • [Silenced Agony]
  • [Sky’s Blessing]
  • [Slumber]
  • [Unlock Door]
  •  ? - Cast Lightning
  •  ? - Scorch the Earth
  •  ? - Create Shields
  •  ? - Heal
    • Closing flesh, restore blood, but can not fix missing limbs.
  •  ? - Shots Webs (Dissipates after 10 minutes)[5]


  • Fluent in the Common Language.


  • Healing is an extremely advanced form of magic, which proves her capabilities.


All following artwork was originally posted in a special discord gallery.


  • To Rags:
    • “I am Ulvama. Another five [Shamans] are in the tribe, but I am strongest by far. They can throw fire. I can scorch the earth.”
    • “You are smart. And brave. I saw you challenging the Hob. But Tremborag does not think you are important.”
    • “You are young so you do not know. But it will work, especially since you have a name. That makes you special.”
    • “Only Shamans can give names. Not Humans.”
    • “Sleep with others. Garen Redfang if you can. He will help you for that—all do. Do not be—”
  • To Rags:
    • “Don’t need Goblin Lords! Why do stupid Goblin Lords and males fight all the time? Garen, Reiss, Greydath—stupid! Should just live in tribe.”
    • “You don’t know. You don’t know me. We were happy there. Sex, food—we had what we wanted. Tremborag was great Chieftain. Humans deserve pain. We do bad things to them? I am Human and Goblin.”
  • (To Pebblesnatch) “Eat now. Be happy. Then die.”
  • For/To Numbtongue:
    • “Velan, Curulac, Ierlv. You have failed them all. The Goblins Kings die! Shame! Shame upon you, Goblin! You have forgotten your oath.”
    • I am a [Shaman]! You stupid Goblin! Drink, eat food even if stinking Humans make it! Eat, to be strong! Protect! Cannot protect if you eat nothing!
    • “Human only frozen! Not dead! Eat stew and live, or protect nothing! Do not fail again!”
  • To Mrsha:
    • “Stupid white sad Gnoll? Where are you?”
    • “Good sweet thing makes Gnoll girl happy. Stop pretending not to eat. I see. I am not stupid. If little Gnolls dies, everyone is sad. Including not-dead Human, isn’t that so?”
  • (To Rags) “Go away, stupid Chieftain. Always leaving good Goblins behind. Petty Rags, not bringing me along. Stupid name, too. Not real Goblin name.”
  • (To Fierre) “Badarrow will see. Otherwise…we go. You don’t need to come. Bloodbiters too much work. Scream under sun, scream when cooking with garlic, scream when someone sneezes in silver dust…”