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Ulyse was the leader of Parasol Stroll.


Ulyse has distant eyes and greying hair,[1] and like the other members of Parasol Stroll carries a bright yellow umbrella, which looks to be made of silk or some other shiny cloth and embroidered with moons of silver.[1] This parasol has the primary colors of yellow and blue.[2]


Trey considered Ulyse as "like a cool uncle-grandfather type that everyone wanted".[3] He gave off a similar impression to [Grand Mage] Esiela.[4]

He never looks anyone in the eyes, but stares vacantly into the distance most of the time. Magically trained persons can sense his magical power easily.[1] Even after a taxing battle, he can relax easily and appear very confident.[4]


Ulyse is the most experienced mage of Parasol Stroll with [Repair] spells.[5]


Parasol Stroll overtook the function of the Mage's Guild in Reim after their arrival in Flos' capital, and Ulyse as well as four of his mages enchanted the first weapon that Nawalishifra Tannousin created upon entering into the services of Flos - although this was not a task for which is group was specialized for.[1] Later, he could also enchant a regular blade with a temporary [Weight] spell.[6]

Ulyse was the one who first [Repaired] Trey's smartphone[5], which was then becoming a routine task for him.[7]

Ulyse and his second-in-command Mirin taught magic to Trey,[3] after they had assessed the powerful staff that Trey had looted from the enemy [Geomancer] in a battle near Reim.[1]

He was present when Flos parlayed with King Raelt at the Jecrassian borders.[8]

Ulyse and the mages of Parasol Stroll took part in the Battle of Viadem’s Pass[4] (where he captured Esiela) and then in the siege of Sadomere (where he fended off Jecrass' attackers on the North Wall) before the city was renamed as Drevish’s Madness.[9]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Mage] Lv. ?[1] (if there is a specialization, it was not yet revealed)



  • Tier 3:
    • [Arrows of Sand]
  • Tier 4:
    • [Earthen Spire]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Flame Arrows]
    • [Leaden Weight]
    • [Prismatic Barrier]
    • [Repair]



  • (To Orthenon) “Simpler for you, maybe.”
  • (To Rasea) “Are you mad? The King of Destruction will hunt you down for this!