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Umina Caxical is a Lizardgirl, a [Strategist], and one of Niers's advanced students.


She has pink-and-yellow scales, as a pattern running from the violet frills around her neck to her long tail.[1]


She seems to be rather insecure and timid.[2]


Umina is poor, particularly relative to her peers in Niers's personal class. She is from Talenqual, which also happens to be the home of the United Nations Company of Earthworlders.


Powers and Abilities[]

Despite her insecurities, she is a highly talented [Strategist] being one of the few students at Niers's school who earned their position through purely merit. As a strategist her primary strength seem to be her ability to think outside the box to catch opponents off guard.

Apart form being a strategist, she seems to be able to cast spells, though the extent of her magical abilities has yet to be revealed.[2]


  • [Strategist] Lv. 27


  • [Light]
  • Can conjures a small flame.


  • Belt of Acrobats[3]


Marian Felthof[]

She and Marian are friend.[2]


  • Her surname was revealed in Ch 6.24 D.
  • Her favorite food is Squid.[4]


  • (To Niers) “Professor, have you seen this? Look! There’s instructions for another game here! It’s says it’s called…‘Go’. Go? What an odd name for a game!”
  • (To Marian) “Marian! Calm down! This is just like a war game with the Professor. A skirmish. Imagine you’re against Venaz. Don’t give in to the pressure; that’s how you’ll lose!”
  • (To Tulm) “In a game of hide in seek. In a war game. Across a chess board. I’ll take on any opponent. I’ve played the Titan himself and won.
  • (To Niers) “No, Professor. I’m just your student, and I chose the two questions I thought would bother you most in the world. Because they’re the most valuable to me.”
  • (To Marian) “Dancing Serpent to Fast Hooves, come in. The Lantern has left the building. Repeat—”