Umina is a Lizardfolk, a [Strategist] and one of Niers's advanced students.


She has pink-and-yellow scales, as a pattern running from the violet frills around her neck to her long tail.[1]


She seems to be rather insecure and timid.[2]



Powers and Abilities

Despite her insecurities, she is a highly talented [Strategist], as she wouldn't be a student of Niers, if that were not the case.

Apart form being a strategist, she seems to be able to cast spells, though the extend of her skills in that field has yet to be revealed.[2]


  • [Strategist] Lv. 27


  • [Light]
  • Can conjures a small flame.



  • (To Niers) “Professor, have you seen this? Look! There’s instructions for another game here! It’s says it’s called…‘Go’. Go? What an odd name for a game!”
  • (To Marian) “Marian! Calm down! This is just like a war game with the Professor. A skirmish. Imagine you’re against Venaz. Don’t give in to the pressure; that’s how you’ll lose!”
  • (To Tulm) “In a game of hide in seek. In a war game. Across a chess board. I’ll take on any opponent. I’ve played the Titan himself and won.


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