The United Nations Company is a company based in the city of Talenqual on Baleros that mainly consists of Earthworlders.

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The United Nation’s company has many sources of income. They are from; the individuals Earthers working jobs, Paige’s crossbows selling to Gravetender’s Fist, Luan’s runner deliveries, the Bushranger’s adventure missions, and also from Geneva’s clinic, which earns tons of money. But disconcertingly, the primary income comes from the manufacturing of Geneva’s condoms, which pulls in gold.

Thanks to all of this the United Nation is doing well enough to afford good meat, food, four nice houses (even if Miss Hastel, the Centauress [Landlady] was giving them a discount), and a lot of amenities.[1]

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Known Earthworlders Edit

Name Country Profession
Geneva Scala America Doctor
Kenjiro Murata Japan Negotiator
Aiko Nonomura Japan Nurse
Luan Khumalo South African  City Runner
Daly Sullivan Australia Adventurer
Paige Australia Engineer
Dawson Australia Adventurer
Siri Sweden Adventurer
Tofte Sweden Adventurer
Aldenon Australia Adventurer
Kami Australia Adventurer
Tobi ??? Adventurer
Kirana India Home Keeper
Priya India Home Keeper
Blake New Zealand ???
Nicola Italian ???
Lorenzo Italian ???
Diana Italian ???
Amoli ??? ???
Anders ??? ???
Filip Poland Scribe
Michael[2] Spain ???
Sofie[3] ??? ???
Ben[3] ??? ???
Myron Greece[4] Mage

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