Valceif Godfrey or Val was a human Courier.

Appearance Edit

Val has black hair, a slightly crooked nose and tanned skin. He wears traveling attire.[1]

Personality Edit

Val has a strong sense of camaraderie between runners: he saves Garia from bandits without any request for repayment, and was willing to use his magic-dispelling charm to help Ryoka.[2]

Background Edit

Valceif is the son of Mihaela Godfrey, famous former [Courier] and now [Guildmistress] of First Landing's Runner's Guild.

Chronology Edit

Val first appeared after rescuing Garia from bandits while on a delivery from Niers Astoragon to the person who solved his chess puzzle. While passing through Celum, Val got lost and Ryoka, a fellow runner, guided him out of the city.[3]

During his stay at Erin's Inn, Ryoka broke Val's Magical Mind Protection Charm when she unblocked her memory of Teriarch; but he didn't begrudge her, saying he would get another charm as soon as possible. After a long night of dancing at Erin's inn, Val, Ryoka, and Hawk went on a long morning run, where Val and Hawk gave Ryoka valuable advice for completing her delivery. Val also recommended to Ryoka to not seek a class, because it did not suit her style.[2]

Valceif delivered a letter from Ryoka to Lady Magnolia on his way back to First Landing, also enjoying her hospitality back then. During this visit, Magnolia showed him the Earthers she had stumbled upon, and asked him to draw his own conclusions.[4]

Ryoka later learned that Valceif had been killed further up in the north in a Bandit ambush, because he was affected by a simple [Sleep] spell.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Runner] Lv. ? (above 30)

Skills: Edit

  • [Double Step]
  • [Quick Movement]

Equipment Edit

  • A Leather Cord Quartz, with a [Detect Truth] Spell Enchanted on it.
  • A powerful charm, shaped like a dreamcatcher, that is able to dispel magic.
  • A smooth stone, which can be used to communicate with other runners.[2]
  • Significant number of magical artifacts, as revealed when Pisces and Ceria cast [Detect Magic]

Trivia Edit

  • Val makes around Forty gold coins per delivery. It can go over a hundred or two hundred, if the area’s dangerous or if he needs to get there quick.

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References Edit

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