Valceif Godfrey or Val was a human Courier.


Val has black hair, a slightly crooked nose and tanned skin. He wears traveling attire.[1]


Val has a strong sense of camaraderie between runners: he saves Garia from bandits without any request for repayment, and was willing to use his magic-dispelling charm to help Ryoka.[2]



Val is first shown as rescuing Garia from bandits while on a delivery from Niers Astoragon to the person who solved his chess puzzle. While passing through Celum, Val got lost and Ryoka, a fellow runner, guided him out of the city.[3]

After a long night of dancing at Erin's inn, Val, Ryoka, and Hawk went on a long morning run, where Val and Hawk gave Ryoka valuable advice for completing her delivery. Val also recommended to Ryoka to not seek a class, because it did not suit her style.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • [Runner] Lv. ? (above 30)


  • [Double Step]
  • [Quick Movement]


  • A Leather Cord Quartz, with a [Detect Truth] Spell Enchanted on it.
  • A powerful charm, shaped like a dreamcatcher, that is able to dispel magic.
  • A smooth stone, which can be used to communicate with other runners.[2]
  • Significant number of magical artifacts, as revealed when Pisces and Ceria cast [Detect Magic]


  • Val makes around Forty gold coins per delivery. It can go over a hundred or two hundred, if the area’s dangerous or if he needs to get there quick.



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