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Valeterisa, also known as the Archmage of Izril, is a titled ‘Archmage’ of Wistram from Izril. She had spend over a decade in her private island, with the thought-processors fragments in order to crack a grand theory, without realizing all the time she had lost, until finally being 'awaken' by Ryoka.


She is an older woman, at least in her mid-sixties,[1] who looks surprisingly normal, except for the faintest tinge of magic that hung about her.[3] She has grey hair, and is thin due to living on tea and vegetables for the last ten plus years.[4]


She loves a good statistical anomaly.


TBA from Chapter 7.41 and Chapter 7.44

She grew up in Fissival but went to Wistram.[4]



Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Grand Magus] Lv. ?[5]


  • [Parallel Thoughts] / [Parallel Thinking]
  • [Recall Memories] / [Recall Memory]


  • Tier 1
    • [Frozen Wind]
  • Tier 3:
    • [Lightning Bolt]
    • [Message]
  • Tier 4:
    • [Chain Lightning]
    • [Haste]
    • [Spear of Light]
  • Tier 5:
    • [Personal Levitation]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Acid Wave]
    • [Appraisal]
    • [Bind Spell]
    • [Bound Fireball]
    • [Burning Floor]
    • [Burst Arrows of Light]
    • [Calm]
    • [Caustic Acid]
    • [Cleanse]
    • [Darkness Pool]
    • [Detect Aura]
    • [Detect Poison]
    • [Dispel Magic]
    • [Enhanced Flame Spray]
    • [Field of Suppression] Tier 5 or 6
    • [Frozen Winds]
    • [Furry Spiders]
    • [Gust of Air]
    • [Hurricane of Darkness]
    • [Insanity]
    • [Levitation]
    • [Localized Earthquake]
    • [Memo]
    • [Merda’s Push]
    • [Multiplied Stone Fists]
    • [One Thousand Arrows of Fire]
    • [Orange Light]
    • [Paralysis]
    • [Ray of Incineration]
    • [Recall Memories]
    • [Remove Blindness]
    • [Repair]
    • [Roving Silent Sickle]
    • [Sixty Arrows of Fire]
    • [Spray of Needles]
    • [Stone Lance]
    • [Thunderclap]
    • [Tidal Wave]
    • [Tier Ascendant: (Spell)]
      • [Localized Earthquake]
    • [Unlock]


  • Reinforced Door (Broken)
  • Mirror of Similarity = Relic-class Artifact that creates a Doppelganger of the reflected person with the same Skills, Magical Abilities, Spells, Exact Strength and Fighting Style. It does not create the reflected person Gear, Potions and other Items. (x4)
  • Runemark Golems
  • [Furry Spiders] summoning Artifact
  • Manticore summoning Artifact
  • Conjured Insects Swarm Artifact


  • She refers to Izril by its original name, Issrysil.


  • (To herself) “What—what is happening?
  • (To herself and Ryoka, Salamani and Fierre) “Recalling memories…intruders…no audio logs kept…who are you? Answer before I kill you. You have set fire to my isle…how many [Messages]? Count: 4,388…ah. Damage to property estimated…answer me. Who are you?”
  • (To Ryoka, Salamani and Fierre) “You. Are Runners? You have a delivery for me?”
  • (To herself) “I forgot to task myself with monitoring them. Oh no. What an error. And they…starved to death? They would have—without food—oh no. Did I forget? What do I do? Were some of them important? I—I—”
  • (Missive to Ieka) I am not pleased. But I will speak with you at earliest convenience. Your Runners burned my isle down. Was that intentional? We will meet shortly.
  • To herself:
    • “So this is now normal? Mass-broadcast via scrying orb? How strange. How strange. A useful concept, but…why did the academy come up with it? I must ask.”
    • “That’s disgusting. Did I eat this the entire time? Wait…wait…[Recall Memories]. Oh. Oh my. That’s a lot of raw vegetables…and I hate potatoes!”
  • (To Salamani & Ryoka) “I didn’t mean to. I just—I was trying to protect my work! The last time they hired a [Rogue] and stole my research. It was—oh, Ancestors. Those poor people!”
  • (To Fierre & Ryoka) “And you two are strange. So strange. You—are you Human? And are you Human?”
  • (To Ryoka) “Secondly, may I have some of your hair? All of it? I feel like something about you is…interesting.”
  • (To Ieka) “Ieka? Hello. It’s me. Valeterisa. Have you forgotten me? It seems I was away for a while…don’t shout, Ieka…”
  • (To Eldavin (and herself)) “As I have repeatedly stated, I will fully compensate any magical knowledge you can share to the best of my abilities, Eldavin. Note to self: sexual appeal effective? Yes/no? Further testing required.”
  • (Thoughts) Would you not die for magic? Would you not dive into the heart of it, even if it meant your end? To see the truth?
  • (To Hekusha) “Oh, the Healer of Tenbault. Hello…that is what I would say if I was Valeterisa. Which I’m not, because the Archmage would not socialize with Goblins. You have me mistaken.”
  • (Note to self) -Visit your niece (Ieka). Very important! Do not forget! Present ten years of birthday presents. Do it now. Don’t forget this time. Hurry up.
  • To Rags:
    • “Hello, Chieftain Rags. I am Archmage Valeterisa. Would you like to trade for that key you are holding? May I inspect it? I am a friendly Human…”
    • “You know—and I am being social here, hello Chieftain Rags, I hope we can do good business together, please accept this friendliness as a discount for favors owed for magical notes—this entire business with healing someone reminds me of an issue I must look into. Perhaps [Restoration] would help? I am looking into a frozen young woman in…Liscor, The Wandering Inn. How strange. Coincidence. Ahahahaha.”
  • (To Garry) “You are Antinium. I would like to speak to the Centenium known as Xrn, the Small Queen. I am Archmage Valeterisa of Wistram. I come in peace. Unless we are at war.”
  • (To Montressa) “That is what makes us [Mages]. Do not look at losing the rest as despair. Be grateful. Throw yourself deeper into the heart of magic, student. Never look back.”