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Vampires are one of the many Races of the Innworld. Once a powerful species that ruled over almost all of northern Izril, they have since fallen from their former status, their entire race afflicted by a mysterious illness.



Vampires look like normal Humans, with the exception of having unnaturally pale skin, pointed fangs and red eyes.[1]

Physical Qualities[]

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Senses:
    • Sight
      • Enhanced Vision:
      • Night Vision:[1]
    • Smell:
    • Taste: Can tell the difference of each blood types.[2]
    • Blood Sense: Allowed them to tell when beating hearts and blood were about.[2]
  • Self-Healing:
  • Poison/Toxic Resistance:[1]
    • Alcohol Tolerance: While not impossible it is hard for them to get drunk. It could take an entire bottle of scotch for some to get drunk.[2]
  • Pain Tolerance:
  • Cold Resistance: They do not suffer from cold, and can sit in the snow without being bothered.[2]


Vampires do not age, as they are biologically immortal, and are capable of changing their physical age at will. While they do not die of old age, current Vampires will eventually succumb to their illness, many living forty to fifty years, and even fewer living into their sixties or eighties.[1]


Vampires are capable of having children biologically, and their children are born as Vampires, although many of them die of illness at a young age.[1]


Vampires can turn other species into Vampires, even Krakens and Dragons.[3]

The process of turning another into a Vampire is not a simple process, and drinking someone's blood is not enough to turn them into a Vampire.[4]


Vampires can eat food, although they do not need to as long as they can drink blood.[1] While human blood has superior taste and quality, it does not actually affect their physical health, and they are capable of subsisting solely on animal blood.[5]

Magical Qualities[]

Special Abilities[]

More TBA From Chapter 8.13 F

  • Domination / Eyes of Charm: While it works best on animals, some gifted vampires can even control people, gaining control of their minds. This can be used to manipulate them or even remove their memories. Charms cannot protect from a vampire's gaze.[1] More TBA From Chapter 8.13 F
  • Shape-shifting: Vampires can turn into bats, although current vampires are incapable of shape-shifting.[1] It is currently unknown if they can turn into other forms, such as mist.
    • Age Shifting: Vampires don’t really age. They can if they want to, or even get younger. But they don’t have to grow old.[1]
  • Pleasant Feeding: Someone who is fed upon by a Vampire will feel no pain, and will instead experience pleasurable tingling sensation while allowing the Vampire to drain them of their blood.[4]
  • Classes/Levels Siphoning: True Vampires can absorb the levels of those who they feed from. More TBA From Chapter 8.13 F
  • Mist Transformation: TBA From Chapter 8.13 F


  • Sunlight: While the current living vampires don't die when exposed to sunlight, as opposed to stronger Vampires in the past, they don't feel well in it and tire easily.[1]
  • Silver: If silver makes contact with them, it burns them. If too much silver is simply around them, it will make them feel itchy.[1]
  • Garlic: Vampires are allergic to garlic, although it is not enough to kill them. Some even get hives just by being in the same room with them.[1]
  • Disease: Vampires have weak immunological systems, causing them to suffer from different kinds of diseases and ultimately die before reaching around 80 years of age. This, joined with their immortal biology, causes them to live while being constantly sick.
  • Starvation: True Vampires who are not well feed will start to operate on a lower level of energy and thought.[6]

Behavior and Culture[]

While not much is known about the Vampires of old, they were described by Ylawes Byres as "evil monsters without conscience or remorse, hiding among humans and pretending to their emotions."[4]

Vampires at the height of their power ruled over "lesser" races, making slaves of them to serve in their empire. Now, Vampires are largely hidden from the rest of the world, existing on the fringes of society and drinking the blood of animals.

Playing at Drinking[]

TBA From Chapter 8.13 F


At their peak, Vampires once attempted to take over the entire world. They were a scourge primarily on Izril and had several large infestations, ruling over almost the entirety of the northern continent, though they were wiped out over the centuries by noble houses such as House Byres, with their silver being a key component of their destruction.[7]

The Circle of Thorns was apparently involved in removing the threat posed by vampires from Izril, since several ruling matriarchs of the Reinhart Family were Vampires trying to establish a permanent reign as overlords.[8]

When they sought to conquer other continents, they found Rhir too inhospitable for their kind. They did find success in Terandria, fighting wars against the continent while slowly corrupting even their royal lines. They were driven out of Baleros—primarily by Selphids—and driven from Chandrar by the Shield Kingdoms.[9]

The downfall of Vampires on Izril is the result of well seeding, a tradition of House Byres in which a small amount of silver is placed into a well wherever a member of their house visits. Through this, House Byres was able to slowly weaken the Vampire race and end their reign over Izril, the built-up traces of silver in their bodies reducing them to their current diminished and sick state.[4]

Vampires don’t earn classes. When someone is turned into one, they lose all of their existing classes. It is believed to be a way of keeping balance, as vampires would otherwise become too strong.[1]


The existence of Vampires is a very well-kept secret, only known to the vampires themselves and a select few others.

Due to their past status as tyrannical monsters, as well as their current illness, Vampires now exist quietly hidden among regular humans. Thankfully, Vampires are commonly believed to be extinct, which makes the chance of them being recognized as such incredibly low.[1]


  • Ulrien once saw a dungeon that was designed solely to combat Vampires. It was more like a fortress that made use of light-based traps and spells.[10]
  • As it is often depicted in fictions, vampires in the story do not have a shadow.[1]
  • Vampires can eat food, though it doesn't do much for them. A vampire can eat all day and the food mostly goes in and out. Blood’s what they need to live.[1]
  • They don’t need to sleep as much—although vampires get tired during the day.[1]
  • A misconception is that vampires are undead. If that were the case, they wouldn't need blood to survive and neither would they have a pulse. Although they have very cold bodies and low heart-rate.[1]
  • The last vampires were sighted by the public populace around 400 years ago.[11]
  • Like many of the magical races in the Innworld, Vampires have weakened with the passing of generations. Their population has diminished in number and they have lost many of their ancient abilities, their knowledge, their fortunes, and their glory of old times. This is a plight they share with many other races, like Half-elves, Half-giants, Selphids, Dragons, and even Drakes to some degree.
  • The Quarass of Germina was once a Vampire, and when convinced of the corruption of Vampires by her champion, drank a great poison that would result in her own death and tainted the Vampire bloodwells with her own poisoned blood. She then threw herself into combat, killing thousands before being torn to pieces herself. After being reborn, she led an army to eradicate the rest of their dens from Chandrar.[9]