Vasraf was the Commander of the armies of Tiqr during the reign of Empress Nsiia.

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He has a deep voice.[1]

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He advised Nsiia in matters of war, but shared her resolve to fight a losing fight against the coalition of Nerrhavia, Illivere, Savere and others. He rode with Nsiia to battle on her Grand Elephant, Thef. Later, he took to another front alone.[1]

As Tiqr was almost beaten, he took command of what little walls Oliphant possessed. When Nsiia made her final charge to surrender, he gave her his farewell[2] and took the remaining army in Oliphant towards the Killale steppes - an army of 100.000 soldiers on a mission unknown even to Nsiia, too quickly for the coalition to pursue.

He later declared that he would never cede Tiqr to invaders and swore to liberate his home with the rest of Tiqr’s army and citizens.[3]

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Wild General] Lv. ? [1]

Skills: Edit

  • [Bodies of Iron][1]

Equipment Edit

He owned ceremonial armor, colorfully bedecked with flowers. When at war, however, he dressed simply in leather and steel. He carried a curved shortsword, but his true weapon was a bow that few warriors could draw. Wit that bow, he could shoot explosive arrows.[1]

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Nsiia:) “My Empress. We cannot hold them. Tiqr has not enough choke points. Our army is not vast enough.”
  • (To Nsiia:) “My Empress. It has been a pleasure to serve. From all of us.”

References Edit

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