Velan, also known as Velan the Kind, was the last Goblin King.




In his youth, Velan had always dreamed of walking among other races.[1] He was very interested in insects. He wandered the jungles, caught many different insects, and studied each one before eating them. Some he noticed made him sick, others tasted very well, while some even had beneficial effects. Velan shared his discoveries with his friends and tribe, which ultimately led to him getting the [Healer] class, one of the classes that were later merged into his [Chieftain] one.

6 years, peaceful and prosperous years, had he ruled. On Izril he made peace with Humans, Gnolls, and Drakes. He had forged alliances on Baleros too. Unlike now, Goblins were only hunted in very few places.[2] He was beloved by all Goblins.[3]

However, at some point he realized that the peace he had sought for so long was a false lie and so he stopped. Death and fire was then the only thing he dreamed about. City after city did he burn, and with them so its inhabitants. Across the ocean, his Goblin Lords led similar crusades, pillaging, slaughtering. His rage was so immense that he wanted to destroy the whole world.[4]

It started when Velan fulfilled an unknown criterion, allowing him to be transformed into a Goblin King. Shortly afterwards, he appeared with his entire tribe in the Balerosian city of Zexil and razed it in a single day. In doing so Velan broke eighteen separate treaties of nonaggression.

His army destroyed the city utterly and left no survivors. He then proceeded to execute every messenger sent to him and began razing city after city, his army growing with every battle. His only message to the confused leaders of Baleros was a single word, conveyed by a half-dead Courier: “Vengeance.”[5]

His last rampage took place in the Blood Fields, where he led an army of a million Goblins.[6] His armies swept across the land, killing everything in sight, when a Half-Elven archer managed to shoot an arrow through his skull.[7]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [King] Lv. ?

Military Strength Edit

Velan led gigantic armies, which consisted of over a million Goblins.[8]

His raiding parties alone were tens of thousands strong. Furthermore, he had several Goblin Lords.[9]

Goblin Lords Edit

During the 2nd Antinium War, Velan ruled over 9 Goblin Lords, each one being on par with any Named Adventurer, with Velan being a match for all but the strongest warriors in the world. Every one of the nine had focused on a different field which set them apart from the other Goblin Lords.[10]

Name Position Status
Tallis the Stormbreaker Shaman Deceased
Greydath of Blades Warrior Alive
Murmar Deceased

Trivia Edit

  • Velan was looking for the key that is now in Garen's possession, of which two exists, but never could find out what it unlocked.[11] Although it was said in Ch 5.19 that he wasn't looking for the keys as he already had them and was the one that locked something away with them, making this possibly an inconsistency. It could also be that Garen only discovered later the truth because the memories he first saw weren't very clear.
  • Velan came to Izril from across the sea, as did many other Goblins. They fought greater enemies than Drakes and Gnolls and Humans.[1]
  • Velan hated the Undead.[12]

Quotes Edit

  • (To his army) "No quarter! No mercy! The playthings must die! Kill them. Burn them. All that the Gods have wrought must be destroyed."
  • (To Courier) “Vengeance.”
  • (To Tremborag) “One day there will be a King again. And they will follow in my footsteps. Forever. Until all Goblins perish or all others do. We cannot help it. We cannot forget. But maybe next time…”
  • (To Tremborag) “Live, Chieftain of the Mountain. Just—live.”

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