The Veltras Family are one of the Five Families of Izril.

Background Edit

The Veltras family are one of the Five Families that came from Terandria—fleeing[1] from Terandria, to be exact and together with them are the first humans to ever settle on Izril. Tyrion Veltras is currently one of the foremost scions of the Five Families in Northern Izril.

History Edit

The Veltras family were considered to be excellent at beast-taming and rulers of the wild for most of history, before slowly turning to war with time. Because of the wild lands owned by the Veltras, they become strong fighters and good [Generals], although poor at leading men.[2]

The current head of the Veltras family, Tyrion Veltras, is considered one of the five most powerful [Lords] in the world, and rumored to be the best [Lord] in personal combat.[3]

Known Family Members Edit

Known Servants Edit

  • Ullim - Majordomo
  • Jericha - Mage & Tyrion's Aide
  • Tell Hidam - Stablemaster[4]

References Edit

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