Venaz is a Minotaur, a [Strategist] and one of Niers's newest and advanced students.



Venaz is very competitive, constantly trying to outshine the other students.


3 years ago,[1] Venaz had been sent from the Isles of Minos, after much competition to become one of Niers Astrorogan's students.


Powers and Abilities


  • [Strategist] Lv. ?


  • [Arrowguard Formation]
  • [Unit: Enhanced Strength]
  • [Unit: Unstoppable Advance]



He and Feshi don’t like each other.[1]



  • (To Luan) “My name is Venaz, City Runner Luan Khumalo. I’ve told you it twice now. Remember it, for it will one day be famous. So, do we have a deal?”
  • (To Niers & Classmates) “I haven’t been home in three years. But if they gave their word, they gave their word. They probably can’t land yet.”
  • (To Niers & Classmates) “This Olesm Swifttail would let Goblin Lords pop up left and right. I don’t know what’s possessed him, but this is far outside of his regular chess commentary. It’s a disgrace, isn’t it, Professor? Professor?”
  • (To his Classmates) “My very soul. If I could not, I would not be here.”
  • (To Tulm) “I am Venaz, from the House of Minos! I challenge you, Tulm the Mithril! I’ll take the Titan’s prize, my oath on it! Bring forth the entire Iron Vanguard and I swear our class will still claim victory.”
  • (To Luan) “Hah. Life is full of surprises. Would you believe I dropped my money pouch? Hold on, it might be in here.”


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