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Venoriat is the Fall’s Sentinel and grandmaster of the Autumn/Fall Knights of the Order of Seasons.





TBA From Chapter 6.43 E


TBA From Chapter 6.44 E


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TBA From Chapter 8.06 RT


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TBA From Chapter 8.20


Powers and Abilities[]




  • [Appraisal]


  • While he appeared for the first time with all the other Order grandmaster in Ch 6.43 E, his name was revealed in Ch 8.06 RT.


  • To Calirn:
    • “[The Eternal Hunt]. With that Skill, [Hunters] of old could track even Dragons. Getting to them was more difficult, but no magic could protect them.”
    • “Knight-Commander! The cost is too high! We have exhausted over half of my Season performing the ritual once! We cannot do it again so easily!”
  • To Calirn:
    • “A Goblin Knight? That is a thing of stories, Knight-Commander Calirn.”
    • “Spy? Agent? Enemy of his kind? That is not the point, Knight-Commander. History is a blunt teacher. And it teaches us that Goblins who walk among other species often become great leaders of their kind. There have been Goblin Knights before.
    • “Of course. But I caution you, Knight-Commander. The Goblin may be a [Knight], in which case I am bound to believe he is honorable enough to gain the class. But…he is a Goblin.”
  • To Ser Solstice:
    • “Good evening, Ser Solstice, is it?”
    • “I am told you are a superlative trap expert, and skilled in any number of wilderness techniques. The Season of Fall loves new knowledge, or those who can embody it. Would you care to go on a hike with some knights in training and discuss your experience?”
    • “They may wish to join or learn from our season, Ser Solstice. All are welcome to participate in such events. Dame Meisa is a Spring Knight, but she may well choose our season in time.”
    • “Fascinating. And this is G—wood lore from where you come from?”