Verdan Blackwood is one of the Titled Archmages of Wistram, as well as one of the two balerosian Titled Archmage. He is also associated with the Iron Vanguard.

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Despite Verdan being a Human, he had been raised by Dullahans, and partly duo to this, he would form ties to the Iron Vanguard in no small way.

He had gone to the Wistram Academy, and would eventually rise enough to become a Titled Archmages. During the years there, he would engage in often partisan political discussion or activity with his peers. Eventually duo to him became old enough that he would’t have the stamina anymore to continue to fight it out constantly with them, he would in all effect, retire, and go back to Baleros.[1]

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He was stated to be strong enough to be able to take down a Sea Serpent.[2] It should be noted that while his stamina has radius due to his old age, he can still wield sufficient power.[1]

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