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Viceria Strongheart is Garia's mother and Wailant's wife.


She has long light brown flowing hair that is tied back in a braid and wears a robe. She is also slim, elegant and looks like she is ten years younger than she actually is.[2]


Background and History[]

Viceria is a successfully graduate from Wistram. During her stay she focused on disciplines involving the growing of plants, which unfortunately wasn't very well respected.

At some point after she left the isle, Viceria grew interested in the Blood Fields. As a result, She decided to hire an escort and travel to the fields with the intention of studying them. To their misfortune, a group of Carn Wolves attacked them along the way. By the time Wailant arrived Viceria was the only one to have still survived. He killed two of the wolves before the rest of the pack ran off. She and he got to talking, hit it off, married and than had their daughter, Garia.

Neither she nor her husband were specialists in the [Farmer] class like the Level 30 [Farmers] who could supply an entire city, but they had their own skillsets that helped a great deal. Most farms need two dozen farmhands, be it for the harvest or guarding the farm, as even a high-level [Farmer] has to be wary of bandits and monsters. Fortunately for the couple they don't have such issues; Viceria she has the spells to grow crops faster than normal and her husband is an apt fighter.

Between the two of them, they could supply a good deal of produce for Celum. Enough to live comfortably on and they could always hire a few hands to take in the harvest when it comes time for it. Besides, she had found being a [Farmer] was far easier than competing at Wistram.[2]


Powers and Abilities[]

Viceria is a [Green Mage] with respectable level at that, making her an expert at magic involving plants.[2]


  • [Farmer] Lv. ? (Below 30)
  • [Green Mage] Lv. ?


  • [Light Beam]
  • [Message]
  • [Mudpit]
  • [Silence]


  • During Viceria's at Wistram, disciplines involving growing, which her class focuses on, were not much respected.[2]
  • In Ch 7.07 it was hinted that she may be a member of the Ullsinoi‎‎.