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The Village of the Dead is a Death Zone inhabited by Undead. It is located in Izril, close to Invrisil.


While zombie villages aren't unheard of, there exists a famous one somewhere around Invrisil that stands out from the other ones. The reason for that is that these zombies haven't moved from this village. They guard their former home in death as they had in life.

No one knew why. But though adventuring teams had been sent and monsters had clashed with the undead, no one had been able to raze the village once and for all. There were simply too many zombies. With each death, a new one rose to join their ranks so while this village was small, there were hundreds or more than a thousand zombies hiding in the houses, or in winter in the snow.

Their abilities are even unlike most other zombies. They are even capable of reattaching their severed limbs and regenerate burned skin. While it is possible to kill them by disintegrating them or chopping them up into really small bits, to do that when countless more of them were attacking you is rather difficult.

Necromancers couldn’t control these strange zombies, and it was pointless to try and eradicate the bodies. They just kept reforming, making the dead villagers and victims over the years into a truly immortal force. And if it were just zombies it would be fine but there were Ghouls as well.

As such no one goes there. There was too much overwhelming death. That was the consensus among Goblins and Humans. The village of the dead was a beehive waiting to be disturbed. And once it was, it would consume whomever was foolish enough to trespass here.[1]

According to Niers Astoragon, the village was made deliberately, and crafted to break an army.[2]

Inner Village[]

The village was actually maintained by the Putrid One's Skills, who was suspended between life and death in a time stasis bubble at the moment of his demise. He was located at the heart of the Inner Village.

The Inner Village is hidden in a dimensional spell and is where his true army and revenant followers reside, companies of armoured Draugrs being to least of the powerful undead within.

Known Undead[]