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Vorepillars are a type of crop-parasitic insect, designed and unleashed by the Demons of Rhir.

Appearance and Characteristics[]

Vorepillars look like very small, hairy caterpillars with an oversized head, tiny nubs of legs and a comparatively large mouth. They look anything but cute.

They are highly inedible, such that other insects and birds will not eat it.

They are cowardly bugs and flee from every movement, and every danger. While they reproduce faster than any other species, they are not able to evolve further. (Although there has so far not been enough time for actual evolution)

They are voracious eaters of both plants and flesh.


After the Demon King unleashed them in the fields of the Blighted Kingdom in the year 2118 Zekol (3502 years in the past), Rhir's population almost starved in the following decade.

Afterwards, the Vorepillar plague was apparently under control, but the species remained at large and [Farmers] of Rhir still have to check their fields thoroughly for infestations.

Lord Hayvon Operland uses Vorepillars as torture instruments.[1]