Wailer Frogs are a large, monstrous type of frogs in the plains and marshes of Northern Izril, for example in the Himalt Swamplands.

Powers / Abilities Edit

Wailer Frogs are big enough to smash their enemies to the ground and even eat people whole. They also have a powerful leap, but are most feared for their wailing. The Frogs are able to emit sound loud and vibrant enough to render their attackers deaf, sick or paralyzed. They're also capable to shatter glass with this sound, which is dangerous for adventurer equipment, especially glass-bottled potions.[1]

When an enemy flees from them, they tend to pursue their attackers over some distance and finish them off.

Trivia Edit

  • Wailer frog tongues are the trophies required to collect Guild bounties.

References Edit

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