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Waisrabbit by auspiciousoctopi

Waisrabbits are a type of magical rabbits that use their ability to teleport short distances to outwit potential predators. Their unique skill enables a quick retreat into a network of isolated underground borrows sealed off from the surface, providing safe refuge from all but the most tenacious of burrowing predators. While very difficult to capture or breed, their pelt is highly prized for its angora wool which can provide the wearer with a short range teleport ability.


They are almost identical to normal rabbits, with the exceptions of having a much more luxuriant fur color, like brown, with just a hint of unnatural coloring, like purple.[1]


These animals are notoriously skittish though they can be livestock animals. A herd of these rabbits can be kept by people like the Longstalker's Fang Tribe.[2]

In their own burrows they tended to collapse them without risking of getting stuck, because as a teleporting creature they can ‘hop’ from section to section.[3]

Also thanks to their Teleportation ability, they can survive in extremely hostile environments like the High Passes.[1]


All parts of the Waisrabbit have some use in creating magical gear. Their bones can be used as a base for creating magical wands[4] and their wool carries with it some of their notable powers of teleportation. The meat of Waisrabbits are also cash products for an unspecified purpose.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Teleportation
    • Can also teleport other things (like Fraerlings) besides themselves.[1]
  • ??? - Can cast an unspecified type of offensive magic according to Pisces.[4]