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Walta is a human city in Izril. It is the capital city of house Walchaís.


Walta on a map, to the western side (Artist's rendition)

Walta is located in the same flat, fertile area as Reizmelt. Walta has prosperous farms around the city.[1] Walta is 79 miles to the east of Reizmelt.[2] Other cities in the general area are Malmerra, Blaiseford, and Baepr. Nearby towns include Enam and Ingli.

As Riverfarm is three days of hard running to the south of Walta, and at the same time southwest of Invrisil, it can be concluded that Walta is definitely north from Invrisil, and possibly about 600 to 800 miles north of Liscor. Along that route is also Yaist.[3]


The House of Walchaís has introduced a race of fine horses to the area under the reign of Lady Bethal. Since then, Walta has become a horse city, with many stables, saddlemakers, and institutions that are all about training, breeding, and caring for the animals.[1] Walta is also the seat of the Knights of the Petal.

The Runner's Guild in Walta appears very strict about not allowing [Brokers], [Openers], and other shady information dealers to operate within the city. Many of Walta's runners use horses, which resulted in the Guild having their own stables.

  • Adventurer's Guild
  • Mage's Guild
  • Rose’s Retreat (Inn)[4]

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Runner's Guild
    • Clavine (Receptionist)[2]
    • Charlay - formerly (Runner)[5]
    • Jilta (Receptionist)[1]
  • Iglesias Theroben (owner of the Rose's Retreat)
  • All members of the Knights of the Petal