Welca Caveis is young a knight-errant in training who Bethal had accepted into her ranks, thus making her one of her Rose Knights.

Appearance Edit

Welca is young woman with black hair and pale skin.[1]

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Chronology Edit

Welca was one of the roughly 40 Rose Knights that Bethal, together with her husband, brought to dispose of Rags' tribe. Soon after the fight began, she started focusing on Pyrite. Meanwhile, a vast number of Goblins attacked her, though to no avail; none could damage the armor each Rose Knight wears. Even Pyrite's strongest Skill, [Power Strike], which allowed him once with his axe to cleave through a warhorse’s armor and spine with one blow, was ineffective, though it made Welca stumble. Fortunately, he decided to move the fight to the water and ran to the nearby lake. There, Welca's movements were restricted, allowing Pyrite to grapple her with his superior strength and push her head under water, resulting in her losing consciousness.[2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Knight] Lv. ? (at least Lv. 20[3])

Skills: Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Enchanted pink armor
  • Magical blade that is even capable of freezing parts of the water

Trivia Edit

  • Her original name, Welca Vis was retroactively changed in January 2020 to Welca Caveis

Quotes Edit

  • (To Goblins) “Don’t touch me, you filthy monsters!”
  • (To Goblins) “Just kill me already! I refuse to—stop poking me! Give me a sword and fight me like a—stop poking me!”
  • (To Pyrite) “I must lie down. I’m very distressed.”

References Edit

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