Wilen was a village boy from Rhir.

Appearance Edit

He had unkempt hair.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

He was too young to have a job besides help his parents, but a bit too old to play with the younger kids.

His dream was to become a [Warrior] or [Soldier], instead of a [Merchant] like his mother wanted him to.

Chronology Edit

He was a regular watcher of Tom the [Clown], having witnessed a hundred of his lame jokes. When the Demons attacked his village, Tom tried to protect him by distracting the Troll that they had sent into the village. The tactics didn't work and Wilen was fatally injured by the troll.[1]

He died in Tom's arms, giggling about Tom's joke about himself. Tom armed himself with Wilen's kitchen knife and retaliated against the Troll and the Demons. After the massacre, the sane part of Tom wished the boy a farewell.[2]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Tom) “If no one’s laughing at you, that can’t be the way [Clowns] level up.”
  • (To Tom) “I’m going to die. But you should run. He’s coming. [..] You’ve got to. I am dying.”

References Edit

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