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Wilovan is a tall Gnoll, a member of the Brotherhood of Serendipitous Meetings, and together with his partner and friend Ratici, they are known as the Gentlemen Callers.


He is tall with a large brick like body. He wears a quite dapper vest and leggings on, that suiting him quite well despite the fur, and a tall hat that while is not as splendiferous as a top hat, it has breathing room for the scalp.[1]


As a member of the Brothers, he is polite, well mannered and shows common courtesy, just like the gentleman that he is.

He speaks with a quite thoughtful and quick, deep voice.

He is surprisingly unsimple, especially to the women he romanced, as he prefers the ones with a stocky build figure. Still he doesn't pursue the ones who have children with them, as he doesn't want to force the child to wait—much less on topics of an intimate nature discussed about him. While it would be different depending on the situations, in other moment, it would be highly inopportune, rude, and he’d expect any woman as amply gifted to make the child her priority over him.[1]


He and his friend Ratici, were born and raised in Invrisil. There the two would eventually join the Brotherhood of Serendipitous Meetings, and as they became the best of the best, the now known famous duo came to be known as the Gentlemen Callers.[1]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Gentleman Thug][2] Lv. ? (40+)
  • [Reader] Lv. ?[1]


  • [Dangersense]
  • [I Struck Him Deaf]
  •  ??? - Allows the User to read a book and memorize it in an hour.[1]

Temporary Skills:[]

Skills obtained temporary by the blessings Skill, [Boon of the Princess].

  • [He Scratched Only Thread]


  • [Appraisal] Blocking Charm[3]
  • Longear’s Charm[4]


  • He is self-educated and literate, and is able to keep up with people that speak in a fast, philosophical way.[1]



  • To Ratici:
    • “Knowledge should be its own reward, Ratici. But since it affords me classes and levels, I’ll happily keep it as a side class. So long as I keep up with you, there’s no objection, is there?”
    • “Dead gods, what a lady. Did you see, her over yonder?”
  • To Typhenous:
    • “Words have been spreading from fellows with hats, Mister Typhenous. Unkind words, about a fellow who did us wrong. So says our Nose, and he sniffed around and asked the right sort of questions. Questions that infer you might have all our answers.”
    • “Why it happened. And no lies, sir. Just the truth as you see fit to tell us. If it’s a poor truth—it must will out.”
    • “You’d better tell us all of it, Plague Mage. But you’ve run up a debt. Which—frankly speaking, is how it goes. A debt to foil a theft. Which in turn incurs another debt which must be paid. Nothing comes free in our line of work. Tell me though: was it worth it?”
  • (To Erin) “Why, thank you miss. And we’re quite well set up ourselves. But it’s a kind word you have for us, and a lovely play!”
  • (To Ratici) “Ah. What a nice young lady. Not that I’d speculate, but whatever would the Tallman want with her?”
  • (To Ratici) “I heard. Pray, allow me to continue my morning’s repast uninterrupted, Ratici.”
  • (To Ceria) “I must confess, I’m new to this game, Miss. But if I’m called upon, a gentleman doesn’t refuse a lady’s request.”
  • To Saliss:
    • “I am, sir, Wilovan. And this is my partner, Ratici. You must be the infamous Saliss of Lights.”
    • “Adventurer Saliss. I’m but a poor fellow compared to a personage such as yourself. But I fear I must insist. Good dressing and decorum are the manners of every gentleman.”
  • To Numbtongue:
    • “Room for one more? Excuse me, gentlemen. And you, sir? I believe we’ve seen each other about. My name is Wilovan, sir.”
    • “Well now, haven’t you heard the old saying? Goblins can be found everywhere. Funny that you’d not believe it yourself. Believe me, friend. Everywhere means everywhere. 
  • To Erin:
    • “Hardly, hardly, Miss Solstice. We don’t ‘give to the poor’ save by way of spending large at a favorite restaurant or such. We’re simply honestly dishonest folk in that we pick our targets with more care than say—another gang.”
    • “The Brothers don’t stand for kidnapping or anything that’d hurt a child. Cute little girl. Could use some pants, but then, we were all young once.”
  • (To Ratici) “My dear mother told me never to get in the way of a proper woman, Ratici. And that advice seems to hold true here.”
  • (To Grimalkin) “I wouldn’t, sir. Fair bit of warning. It seems quite ungentlemanly. And unless I’m completely in the wrong, you seem to have overstayed your welcome.”
  • To Erin:
    • “We’re an unscrupulous sort, Miss Solstice. Why do we run if we didn’t commit this crime? Because we’ve done something. In our cases—enough so that any Watch Captain not bought and paid for would put us away forever regardless.”
    • “But sometimes, a plan goes wrong. Sometimes there’s less…scrupulous sorts to lighten their purses. Sometimes another gang decides they want our cut. When they do—the hats come off. That’s what they say of us. ‘The Brothers of Serendipitous Meetings are perfect gentlemen. Until the hats come off.’”
  • (To Ryoka) “Sometimes a man has to do certain things, Miss Griffin. I’ll wager the other fellows feel the same. It’s a bad business. And it cannot—will not continue. We’ll do our part. Will you do yours?”
  • (To anyone) “Poisoned. Would someone check if they have an antidote before I expire? I do have six hours, mind. No matter how deadly that was. No rush if anyone else is in a spot of bother.”
  • (To Ilvriss) “Good of you to intervene, sir. But I hope you won’t make a habit of it. It’s a nasty business we’re about, I’m afraid. No hats.”


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