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Windrest was a human village of central Izril.


A map of the Riverfarm area after the War against Rags (Artist's rendition). Windrest is placed to the east of Riverfarm.

Windrest was located a good fourteen miles east of Riverfarm, located by a big prairie.[1]


In the winter of Laken's arrival the place was attacked and partly burned down by Goblin raiders who made off with two thirds of the village's movable goods, a lot of their supplies, and two young women. As the town couldn't afford adventurer protection and Laken Godart offered them shelter in Riverfarm, they abandoned their village and migrated there.[1]


Among the people who migrated to Riverfarm were:

  • Helm, village leader and [Blacksmith]
  • Rehanna, with her man and son, both of whom died later
  • Jelov, [Carver]
  • Ram [Farmer] [4]
  • Mister Horst, [Carpenter]
  • Grimby (Woodsman)[2]
  • more [Carpenters], [Builders] and [Woodcutters] with their tools[3]


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