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Wiskeria is a [Witch] and a Silver-rank adventurer. A former member of the Celestial Trackers, she now serves as a [General], under Emperor Laken Godart.


She is a young woman with dark hair and yellowish green eyes.[2] She wears glasses[3] and a pointed hat.[4]

Her voice is quiet, smooth, and precise, giving off the impression that she has had some kind of formal education.[5]


Wiskeria is a sensible, intelligent young woman, which is in itself somewhat unnerving, given that she was raised by an terrifying, immortal [Witch]. She has a good sense of judgement and a keen sense of right and wrong.



Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Witch] Lv. ? (below 30)[2]
  • [General] Lv. 12



  • Tier 0:
    • [Light]
  • Tier 3:
    • [Fox Fire]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Icy Shard]
    • [Paralyzing Touch]

(For Leveling History see Here)


Witch Hat[]

A dark blue pointed hat, sewn by Belavierr. It was made when a tearful six year old Wiskeria was afraid of being lost and not finding her mother, who could be forgetful. So a Tracking Enchantment was put on it while being sewn, and ever since that day, Wiskeria had never been lost again.[6] It has 5 known enchantments that presumable work only for Wiskeria by using Belavierr magic;

  • Tracking: The hat main enchantment. By tossing the hat up, it will be blown by a breeze and flow to were Belavierr is.[6]
  • Durability: Can take on a [Fireball] without burning. It is also not able to be knocked off Wiskeria's head.[6]
  • Size Adjustment: Is able to grow its size with Wiskeria to always fit her head.[6]
  • Communication: Can be used to contact and speak with Belavierr. When Belavierr's voice comes from it, it is described as a whisper or a hiss, with a sibilant tone, like the voice a spider might make, if only a spider could speak. If Belavierr wanted to she can make it actually opened up a mouth full of stitched thread and actually spike from it.[7]
  • Object Teleportation: While not confirmed, it is possible to teleport small objects, like a baked cake, to Belavierr, by putting them in the hat.[8]


  • She always wears her pointed hat, even when indoors.[4]
  • Wiskeria became a [Witch] at 14 after seeing her mother for what she truly was.[9]



  • (To Laken) “I am…amazed, your majesty. I hope my team has not offended you in any way. Odveig was worrying, and I think Beniar is afraid to speak with you.”
  • (To Sacra) “There’s not much to understand. A traitor and a spy is a traitor and a spy, no matter how well you think you knew her.”
  • To Durene:
    • “Not my hat! My hat stays where it is! A [Witch] has to have her hat!”
    • Stupid girls do that! No [Witch] I know will dance about naked anywhere! In a forest? Do you want insects biting you everywhere?”
  • (To Durene) “Food’s important. But this will be magic, Durene. I swear it by my fingers. If I lie, you can feed them to Bismarck. I swear it by the dead. It may look like fun and games, but I swear there’s magic here, by a [Witch]’s name.”
  • (To Belavierr) “Ryoka’s not putting me in any danger. And I’m fine in Riverfarm. I’ve been fine since I left. I don’t need your help. If I get into trouble, I get into trouble.”
  • (Chanting) “Come, fire. Burn hot! To punish a [Witch] whose heart she has forgot! Blaze, rage, from failed justice spark! Grant me fire to purge my mother’s dark!
  • (To Belavierr) “I will never be a [Witch] like you. I will be something else. Something better. And I swear I will stop you. Even if it takes me my entire life, I will become a [Witch] who can end what you do! That is my craft! And this is my magic!
  • To Belavierr:
    • “Mother. Mother, what’s this about? Calm down. I’ve never heard you actually raise your voice like this. Are you attacking little girls, mother?”
    • Don’t use your voice on me, mother. I’m not a child! And this isn’t a girl who pushed me—”
    • Three relics? More? Your eye? Okay. Okay. No, I will not join you in vengeance. It sounds like your fault. I want you to call off vengeance on Mrsha. Forswear.”
    • “I’m asking you as your daughter. Yes. Yes, through Ryoka, who’s made threats…don’t you dare. Forswear vengeance! What do you mean, a ‘pact’? We’re family. Can’t you do one thing without—fine!”
    • “Fine. I’ll write you a letter. Two letters every four months, at least. That’s my offer. At least two hundred words each. Deal?”
    • “Okay. Okay. I’ll bake you something too. With love. Yes, mine. I’ll add a drop. Do we have a deal?”
  • To Elaiere:
    • “Elaiere, you can’t let him get away with this. This is more than just being unfaithful! He made a promise to you! An oath of love! You have to resolve this.”
    • “For someone who breaks the vow of love? You could break his legs.”
    • “And love demands a price. He’s broken his word. You were going to get married! Demand fair recompense, Elaiere. Demand…I don’t know, one of his testicles.”