Wiskeria's Leveling History.

Leveling History Edit

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills Additional Information
Ch 6.41 E Former Classes

[Mage] Lv.?

[Sewer] Lv.?

Before she became a [Witch] she was a [Mage] and [Sewer].
Ch 6.46 E [Witch] Lv.? Seeing the Griffin Prince being cut apart by her mother when she was still 14 (6.41 E), Wiskera grew to hate her and became a [Witch].
Ch 4.19 [Witch] Lv.? It was discovered through Laken that she is a [Witch] after he hired her adventurer group.
Ch 4.23 E [General] Lv. 4 (+4) Wis became a [General] and immediately leveled 4 times in it after Laken offered it to her.
Ch 6.34 E [Witch] (low-level)

[General] Lv. 12

She stated to be a "low-level" [Witch] compared to most.

Furthermore, she revealed to Durene that she has 12 levels in her other Class.

Ch 6.36 E [Witch] below Lv.30 Wiskeria told Durene that she is not above Lv.30 in her [Witch] class.
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