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Wuvren Sitil is one of the foremost [Ladies] in Izril. She is a confidant and trusted friend of Magnolia Reinhart.


Despite being nearly sixty, she almost always looks like a younger woman, with little more than two decades and a half behind her. Sometimes she appears to be in her later twenties and other times in her thirties or forties.

Contrary to what one might belief, she isn't using illusions. Her skin is as fair as it has ever been and her hair, which is styled in the current fashion, meaning long and sweeping with only the hint of a curl, is still as vibrant.[1]


She doesn't just look like a much younger woman but also acts like one, occasionally leading to people being confused by it.[1]



Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Lady] Lv. ?
  • [Eternal Beauty] Lv. ? [2]


  • [Heartbreaker Kiss]


  • Her surname was revealed in Ch 7.20.
  • Wuvren dislikes her name, which her parents decided on when they were told by a [Soothsayer] that she would be a boy. That led to her disliking all kinds of fortune tellers as a result.[3]
  • She occupies the 3rd spot of the top 10 list of the most beautiful [Ladies] to marry. She held her position on that list since she’d turned 16, for the last 50 years or so.[4]



  • (To an [Earl]) “Some women wear their years like weights. Others bear them lightly. Myself, I prefer to wear it like a veil. Which is to say, as a delicate façade. Or not at all. Does it bother you that much?”
  • (To Gilliad) “Heart broken. But not dead. I’m not Bethal or Magnolia. Or even Zanthia, for that matter. Gilliad, find out who they were. But be careful. And oh, send word that I need to speak to Magnolia.”
  • (To Ulva) “Ulva! I haven’t seen you at a gathering like this in ages! But you look dreadful. You must try to get out more, my dear.”
  • (To Melidore) “I’ve never—never done that before. I feel—excuse me, sir. You are too much for me, I think!”
  • (To Zanthia) “I never thought I’d meet someone who I was so outmatched by. I—I need to sit down. Zanthia.”