Xalandrass, or Xal, is a Naga and a war vendor [Merchant].

Appearance Edit

He is at least nine feet tall, with glittering gold and red scales that run from his long and powerful tail, up into his humanoid torso, two arms and serpentine head. He has long fins on the back of his head, like a Lizardperson’s frills, and bejeweled fingers.

He wears clothes with small jewels embedded in the fabric, but only on his upper half, leaving his serpentine lower body free. He is very flashy, and his scales and clothing shine.[1][2]

Personality Edit

Background Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Merchant] Lv. ?

Spells: Edit

  • A telekinesis spell, that floated objects upwards and around a target.[2]

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Ken) “I’m Xalandrass, inquisitive little Human. But you may call me ‘Xal’, as I know Humans are not as adept at speaking as other races.”

References Edit

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