Xelca meat is a specialty in southeastern Baleros.

Food Properties Edit

It is sold in long strips that are ready to be cooked.

Recipes Edit

From Kirana, the UN cook:

  • Pasta with xelca meat[1]
  • Xelca meat with curry[1]

Production Edit

Xelca meat is sold by the Talenqual Lizardfolk fresh and cheap.[2]

Daly knows better than pester the Lizardfolk to ask from which animal they produce the meat. And the Lizardfolk are elusive with answering those questions. Daly supposes it's a kind of toad or fish.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Okasha loves greasy, fried xelca meat, while Geneva hates it[1]
  • “It’s good when it’s hot, edible when it’s not.” (Slogan, coined by Daly)

References Edit

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