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Yazdil Achakhei is a Naga, an Emir of Roshal, and [Slave Lord].


In his original Naga form he has orange-yellow serpentine scales, that flicker in the light, and are shiny, polished and sinuous.[1]

In his Human man form he has slightly dark skin, a rather thin figure, his hair are light blonde—generally styled, his hands are like that of a [Scribe]’s or [Scholar]’s but his weren’t frail, just thoughtful. In this form he is exceedingly charming if he cared to be, and athletic, as he liked to practice such things—at least, the athleticism. Only the eyes remain the same as slitted pupils.[1]


He is charismatic, cunning and intelligent.[2]

TBA From Interlude – The Revenant and the Naga


He is a [Slave Lord] whose wealth isn’t just beyond most mortal dreams, but immortal ones as well. He is also one of the top five most powerful [Lords] in Innworld.[2]

TBA From Interlude – The Revenant and the Naga


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Powers and Ability[]


  • [Slave Lord] Lv. ?
  • [Emir] Lv. ?



  • He was referred to for the first time in Ch 6.68.
  • He considers a certain Earther game (Presumable to be Pokémon) was meant for him, as it collect and improve, just like he handpicks Slaves and improve them.[1]


  • To Flos:
    • "My. I would bow before you had I legs."
    • "I am no one. Certainly not anyone to trouble the sleeping king."
    • "Then let us see what the King of Destruction brings. Until then."
  • (To Mydre) “Mydre, my friend—it is a grand thing you offer. But then it would not be a fierce, solitary animal, but a possession. And I do not care for that. Nor would he be mine. For I do not know how to tame animals. People I know, but I will let that beast go in peace.”
  • (To someone) “It was a passing observation, then. The argument around slavery is not one I tend to recall my debates in. Others say ‘this should not be so’. I say it is so. There we disagree and I go about my day.”
  • (To himself) “That poor girl. Ah, if only those foolish Drakes weren’t so bloodthirsty!
  • (To Tinn) “So you can carry it, Tinn. So you can carry it.”
  • (To Pisces) “I am no fool, Adventurer Pisces. What if I were to let the others in your company go free? Remove their [Slave] class? But for you. I would purchase their contracts and set them free. If you agreed.”