The Yellat is a vegetable plant of Innworld.

Spread Edit

Yellats are easy to grow on Chandrar, as they can survive in poor soil, dry spells and heat that would kill potatoes or other vegetables.[1] Some countries like Reim and Germina have hard times growing any other crops.[2]

Aside from Chandrar, yellats are just as available in southeastern Baleros and central Izril.

As food Edit

The yellat is a crunchy[3][4] or stringy[1] vegetable. It tastes a bit like a sweet potato, but is spicier. Yet, it has a mild aroma. Yellats make for filling meals, but are considered a poor man's food on Chandrar, not fit for nobility.[1]

Yellats can be red[5] or orange.[3] Unripe yellats are blue, however.[6]

Recipes Edit

  • Spicy grain soup with yellats (Reim, Royal Castle)[1]
  • Pork broth with yellats and other greens (Liscor, Erin's Inn)[7]
  • Stew with side dishes of buttered bread and fried yellats (Liscor, Erin's Inn)[8][9]
  • Fried Xelca meat with yellats as side dish (Talenqual, UN kitchen)[10]
  • Soup with crunchy yellats (Liscor, Erin's Inn)[4]
  • Fried yellat with goat meat and fresh rye bread (Reim, Royal Castle)[11]
  • Lamb meat, potatoes, yellats (Central Izril, Veltras' Camp)[12]
  • Yellat pizza (new Liscor cuisine)[13]
  • Spicy yellat chips sprinkled with pepper, and a dip[14]
  • Yellat curry with chewy flatbread (Reim)[15]

Trivia Edit

  • Another spicy innworld food is Yelets, which may be another name for the same thing[16]

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