Yellow Splatters is a Painted Antinium Soldier that belongs to Liscor's Antinium hive. He was promoted to be a [Sergeant] prior to Pawn's second command.


He is built like every other Antinium soldier. However, he has yellow splatters of paint all over his carapace.


Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Yellow Splatters was first noticed by a Drake grandmother while on patrol in Liscor. He was on one of the first patrols Pawn had led, and had been on several patrols since. He was the first Antinium to demonstrate use of a skill while fighting a group of Shield Spiders.[1]

Prior to Pawn's second battle in the Hive, Yellow Splatters was selected by Pawn to be the Sergeant of Pawn's unit.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • [Sergeant] Lv. ? (mid-20s)[3] (derived from [Soldier])


  • [Power Strike]
  • [Tough Carapace]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Trivia Edit

  • The yellow splatters of paint all over his carapace, are the result of someone throwing globs of paint at him.[1]
  • If Belgrade were to compare him to a chess piece, Yellow Splatters would be a Rook, as he is direct, powerful, but limited in that sense.[4]
  • He loves books with bright pictures.[5]


Thoughts/Quotes Edit

  • (To Pawn) “I am different. But the same. I can speak. And say the many things I would have before my death.”
  • (To Sisl & Wilr) “I am Yellow Splatters. [Sergeant] of the Painted Antinium unit of the Free Antinium. Son of Liscor.”
  • (To Numbtongue) “So. What have you been doing since the battle against the Goblin Lord? I was dead.”

Chapter Appearances Edit

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References Edit

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