Yisame is a String Woman and the Queen of Nerrhavia.

Appearance Edit

She has light brown skin, which is softer than it should have been possible, and flawless flowing black hair. Her eyes spark like brilliant emeralds, and her features are perfect down to the line of her nose, to her lips. She also moves like she is dancing at every moment, and a radiant aura.[1]

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She represented her kingdom at the Conference of Pomle and maintaned a neutral stance towards Flos.

She didn't participate in the subsequent war against Tiqr herself, but sent her General Thelican. She ordered him to imprison Empress Nsiia so that she could keep her as a slave, but Nsiia ended up surrendering to Femithain of Illivere.

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Queen] Lv. ?

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Orjin) “I will consider it. But I have come far to speak only of one man. All else is paltry. You may go. Pomle has nothing I wish of you.”
  • (To Femithain) “I did not come here to discuss that…one. I only care for the King of Destruction’s letter.”

References Edit

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