Ylawes Byres is a Gold-rank adventurer and Yvlon's older brother. He went to the destroyed Esthelm to put the dead to rest.


Ylawes is a tall man, with blond hair. He wears a helm-less plated silver armor and a belt with pouches. He is equipped with a shield and sword that gleam.



Ylawes is heir to the Byres family.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • [Knight] Lv. ?


  • [Shield Breaker]
  • [Shield of Valor]


  • Ylawes is overprotective of his sister, Yvlon.[2]
  • He met one of his future teamates, a rare Dwarf, in a tavern.[3]
  • His [Knight] Class is likely derived from [Swordsman].[4]


  • (To the people of Esthelm) “There are women and children—people who suffer and need help! Your friends and family cry out in this city, but what do you do? The instant your walls fall you turn on them. Shame.”
  • (To the people of Esthelm) “I am Ylawes Byres, a [Knight]. I am a Gold-rank adventurer and I can save this city. But I cannot do it alone. If you still believe in Esthelm—follow my back.”


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