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Ysara Byres, also known as the Silver Trader, is a member of the Byres Family, and Ylawes and Yvlon elder sister.


Her most prominent features are her indigo painted hair, long earrings on one ear, and a tattoo on an arm.[1]


According to Yvlon, she is relaxed compared to the rest of the family.[2]


While growing up with her siblings, they were taught the swordsmanship. There it was found out that she was gifted with a sword, more that Ylawes. Instead of becoming a [Knight] like her father, Yitton, and Ylawes had wanted her to be, she become a [Merchant]. She now works in the north of Izril as an [Armored Merchant], selling armor.[2]

She doesn't actually just sell armor and silver, but is actually tended to invest in rare alchemical ingredients, silver being one of those things. She makes good money by knowing what was in stock and being the provider for a number of good [Alchemists]. She would become quite successful to the point of earning the Silver Trader nickname.

During her career she would meet and befriend Qwera, a fellow [Merchant] known as the Golden Gnoll.[1]


While Yvlon and her teammates were scouting in the Blood Fields, she was wondering how she’d do as a [Merchant], and so she started talking about Ysara.

Yvlon told them how gifted with a sword Ysara is, but instead of becoming a [Knight], she had become a [Merchant]. She kept saying that she was a good one, being an [Armored Merchant] that sells mainly armor, and that she works in the north of Izril.[2]


TBA From Chapter 8.42


Powers and Abilities[]

She has a talent with swordsmanship, and is strong enough to beat [Fencers], even when they’ve used Skills.[2]


  • [Armored Merchant] Lv. ?
    • Advanced from [Merchant]
  • [Lady] Lv. ?

Former Classes:[]



  • Silversteel Sword with House Byres’ crest.[1]


  • She is so good with a sword that she didn’t need a personal bodyguard outside her caravan’s usual security.[1]


  • (To Qwera) “Have you ever heard of a Wailant Strongheart? I’ve been thinking about killing him because he’s devaluing Sage’s Grass across the south.”
  • (To Mrsha) “Hello, Mrsha. Are you…Mrsha from The Wandering Inn? Of Liscor? My younger sister wrote to me about you.”