Ysara Byres is a member of the Byres Family, and Ylawes and Yvlon oldest sister.

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According to Yvlon, she is relaxed compared to the rest of the family.[1]

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While growing up with her siblings, they were taught the swordsmanship. There it was found out that she was gifted with a sword, more that Ylawes.

Instead of becoming a [Knight] like her father, Yitton, and Ylawes had wanted her to be, she become a [Merchant].

She now works in the north of Izril as an [Armored Merchant], selling armor.[1]

Chronology Edit

While Yvlon and her teammates were scouting in the Blood Fields, she was wondering how she’d do as a [Merchant], and so she started talking about Ysara.

Yvlon told them how gifted with a sword Ysara is, but instead of becoming a [Knight], she had become a [Merchant]. She kept saying that she was a good one, being an [Armored Merchant] that sells mainly armor, and that she works in the north of Izril.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

She has a talent with swordsmanship, and is strong enough to beat [Fencers], even when they’ve used Skills.[1]

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Armored Merchant] Lv. ? (derived from [Merchant])

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